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Things You Must Pack to Make Your Dog Comfortable in the Dog Boarding Kennel


It is always important to choose the right pet boarding facility to keep your dog comfortable and healthy when away from home. You can always choose the dog boarding facility based on the recommendation of your friends, coworkers or relatives. At the same time, it is also important to inspect the facility in person and ask several questions to ensure that your pet will remain relaxed and stress-free. Also, you must pack certain things to make the doggie feel comfortable in new surroundings.

Normally, food and water dishes are provided by the boarders while the dog is boarded. But the dished provided by the boarder may differ from the actual dishes consumed by your pet. The dog will feel nervous if he does not like the food and water dishes provided by the boarder. There are also chances that the stressful boarding experience will affect your pet’s digestive system negatively. That is why; you must pack your dog’s familiar dishes to make him feel relaxed and healthy.

You must remember that each dog wants to be pampered. So you can pamper the dog while away from home to make him feel comfortable. You can always leave your dog’s favorite treats at the boarding facility to keep him happy. Further, the treat will help you in overcoming the issues related to the food and water dishes provided by the dog boarder.

You must vaccinate the dog adequately to board him safely. But the animal must be provided with the required medication on schedule. You can always ask the boarder to provide the required medication to your pet. Also, you can consider packing the required medication to prevent the health issues from resurfacing. It is also important to make the kennel staff understands about the nature, dosage and schedule of each medication.

The dog will further feel comfortable in new surroundings, if he gets the items and smells that are familiar. So you can pack the dog’s bed and favorite toys to make the environment feel familiar to him. These familiar items will further reduce the stress of living in a completely new environment.

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