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Taking Care of Exercise Needs of Your Dog while Boarding


Many reports have highlighted that a lack of regular and proper exercise can have a huge impact on the dog’s behavior. Often dogs behave like young children. When they do not spend their energy to do something constructive, the dogs will start doing things in their own way. So, some of the common behavior problems noticed in dogs can be attributed to lack of adequate exercise and playtime. The lack of regular exercise can make the dog dig, scratch, chew, garbage ride, jump up on people, and knock over furniture.

However, amount and type of exercise required by individual dogs vary according to their energy level. The dogs with higher energy level, normally, require additional exercise and playtime.  So most pet owners determine an exercise regime for their dogs to keep them healthy and stress-free. When the pet owner is at home, it becomes easier for him to ensure that the dog gets enough exercise and playtime.

But you have to consider some important factors while boarding dogs to ensure that he received adequate exercise. While comparing the dog boarding facilities, you must ask specific questions to the boarder. You must ask how long and how many times each dog gets out for. Also, you need to check if the boarder deploys staff to plays with the dog.

The staff will further ensure that your dog gets adequate exercise, while running around. There are several dog boarding facilities that do not allow the dog to get out for exercise. These facilities rather deploy staff to make dogs walk on leash. If the facility walks dogs in leash, it is important to bring a long leash to make it easier for the staff to handle your pet. You also need to check if the dog boarding center has a fenced-in area where your dog can roam and get fresh air.

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