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Taking Care of Exercise Needs of Your Dog while Boarding

Many reports have highlighted that a lack of regular and proper exercise can have a huge impact on the dog’s behavior. Often dogs behave like young children. When they do not spend their energy to do something constructive, the dogs will start doing things in their own way. So, some of the common behavior problems noticed in dogs can be attributed to lack of adequate exercise and playtime. The lack of regular exercise can make the dog dig, scratch, chew, garbage ride, jump up on people, and knock over furniture. [more..]

Common Shots Required to Board Your Dog Safely

When you decide board your dog, you have option to choose from a variety of pet boarding facilities. Some of these facilities can be simple cages in veterinary clinics, whereas others can be comfortable pet resorts with individual room for your pet along with dog grooming facilities. But each facility will have specific vaccination requirements to board dogs safely. Along with keeping your dog healthy, the common shots will further protect him from several illnesses and diseases. [more..]

Planning Your Dog’s Diet before Making Boarding Reservations for Your Pet

The pet boarding facilities have made it easier for you to leave your dog behind while travelling or holidaying. You also have option to choose the right dog boarding facility based on the recommendation of your friends or coworkers. However, you must consider a number of factors before making the boarding reservation for your pet. You must not forget that boarding can be stressful for the dog. So you must ask several questions to ensure that your pet will remain comfortable and healthy in new surroundings. [more..]

How to Prepare Your Dog Mentally for Grooming

There are many pets that are used to live without any bathing or brushing. But various aspects of grooming are essential to keep the dog healthy and clean. The right grooming will further make your pet feel comfortable. But you must prepare the dog both mentally and physically to make the pet feel that he is not being abused. You can even make the grooming more hassle-free and relaxing for the dog by choosing the best dog grooming Cincinnati facility. [more..]

Don’t Make Your Social Dog Feel Lonely When You are Away

The packed work schedules of modern professionals have a huge impact on their pets. Despite feeling guilty about it, most professionals cannot avoid leaving their dogs alone while travelling for professional purposes. When a dog is left alone, the loneliness affects him both physically and mentally. Some dogs are even more social that others. These dogs often react extremely to loneliness. In addition to making the pet feel stressed and depressed, the loneliness further affects his behavior. [more..]

Things You Must Pack to Make Your Dog Comfortable in the Dog Boarding Kennel

It is always important to choose the right pet boarding facility to keep your dog comfortable and healthy when away from home. You can always choose the dog boarding facility based on the recommendation of your friends, coworkers or relatives. At the same time, it is also important to inspect the facility in person and ask several questions to ensure that your pet will remain relaxed and stress-free. Also, you must pack certain things to make the doggie feel comfortable in new surroundings. [more..]

How to Evaluate the Employees of a Dog Daycare Facility in Cincinnati

As a pet owner, you have to consider several factors to choose the right dog boarding facility in Cincinnati. In addition to choosing a clean, organized, sanitized and safe daycare center, it is also important to evaluate the daycare’s staff. You must remember that trained and experienced employees can make a huge difference to your dog’s boarding experience. When the employees understand animal behavior, they will provide the care required to make your pet feel comfortable and relaxed. [more..]

Ensuring Your Pet’s Safety while Leaving the Animal in a Pet Boarding Facility in Cincinnati

Each pet owner wants to keep his pet comfortable and healthy while travelling and other emergencies. The professional pet boarding facilities in Cincinnati have made it easier for owners to provide normal care to their pets while travelling. As you have option to choose from several pet boarding Cincinnati facilities, it is important to choose the best boarding option. It is a good idea to inspect the pet boarding facilities in person to ensure that your pet will live in a clean, comfortable and health environment. [more..]

Finding the Right Dog Grooming Option in Cincinnati for Your Aggressive Dog

A set of good grooming habits are essential for your do regardless of his age, size, sex or type. The grooming habits will contribute hugely towards keeping the pet healthy and comfortable. But you must remember that dog grooming must be consistent and continuous. You can always choose a reliable dog grooming facility in Cincinnati to set a consistent grooming schedule without putting any extra time and effort. [more..]

How to Pick the Best Dog Boarding Facility in Cincinnati

A recent report highlighted that over 33% owners feel guilty about leaving their dogs at dog boarding facilities. But no pet owner can avoid leaving the dog at a boarding facility, when he has to leave the city for personal or professional purpose. You can always ease the guilt by choosing the best dog boarding facility in Cincinnati. [more..]

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