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The most convenient way to train your dog is now offered at Puppywood Pet Resort. Offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can drop off your dog for playtime and training while your at work.

*drop off from 7-10 am and pickup from 5-7 pm* currently offered as a 10 day training package.



Bethany Disher received her certificate through Animal Behavior College in 2011 after living with a leash reactive dog and feeling lost. The more she learned about training and the psychology of dogs, the more she understood what was actually happening to create the behavior. She began helping other people with their dogs and volunteered for local animal shelters.

Today, she focuses on teaching owners how to understand their dogs so that they can improve their relationships with their furry friends.

Meet the Trainer

Bethany D.

Bethany D.

Trainer at Puppywood Pet Resort

Bethany Disher has been a lifelong animal lover and has always been fascinated with animal behavior and training, even at a young age. She enrolled in Animal Behavior Colleges’ certification course for dog training and completed her certification in late 2011. While completing her certificate, she volunteered at her local animal shelter training the dogs, helping them find new homes. She also enrolled in upper levels of obedience and kept learning all she could about training and behavior. ¬†She is hoping to pursue further certifications in both training and grooming including APDT and CCPDT. She would love to hear from you and your dogs, and would love to discuss how she could help you and your dogs fulfill your goals.



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