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Planning Your Dog’s Diet before Making Boarding Reservations for Your Pet


The pet boarding facilities have made it easier for you to leave your dog behind while travelling or holidaying. You also have option to choose the right dog boarding facility based on the recommendation of your friends or coworkers. However, you must consider a number of factors before making the boarding reservation for your pet. You must not forget that boarding can be stressful for the dog. So you must ask several questions to ensure that your pet will remain comfortable and healthy in new surroundings.

Normally, the dogs do not eat properly at the boarding kennel. Some pets even avoid taking the first few meals. As they have to live in a completely new environment, the pets will need time to get familiar with new smells, sights and interactions. These changes can have an adverse impact on your pet’s appetite. Also, each dog requires a specific amount of time to adapt to the new environment. But if your dog does not have adequate appetite even after some time, the kennel staff must look for innovative ways to make the food more enticing.

A change in diet can also have a huge impact on your pet’s diet. There are also chances that the diet change can result in vomiting or diarrhea. So you must check the type and quality of food provide by the pet boarder. You can even check if the boarder allows you to bring your pet’s own food. The option will ensure that the diet of your dog remains unchanged. Also, you can ask the boarder if the dog needs any special diet to remain healthy and stress-free.

In addition to providing his regular diet to the pet, you also have to pamper him occasionally. It is also a good idea to bring your pet’s favorite treats. The boarder can make the pet feel more comfortable by giving treats during the initial stages. Further, he can give treats to the dog at regular intervals to keep him stress-free.

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