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How to Prepare Your Dog Mentally for Grooming


There are many pets that are used to live without any bathing or brushing. But various aspects of grooming are essential to keep the dog healthy and clean. The right grooming will further make your pet feel comfortable. But you must prepare the dog both mentally and physically to make the pet feel that he is not being abused. You can even make the grooming more hassle-free and relaxing for the dog by choosing the best dog grooming Cincinnati facility.

However, you must remember that groomer will find it difficult to bathe or brush the dog when it is nervous and fearful. Often the fearfulness makes the dog stressed and even aggressive. The fear in human beings is treated psychologically through a technique called flooding. The psychological treatment requires the individual to get exposed to the factor that causes the fear till he is acclimatized to the stressor. Many groomers try to use flooding to make the dog overcome the fear.

To implement the psychological technique on dogs, the pet trainer must possess adequate experience and expertise. So you must try to make your dog feel relaxed by accustoming him to the grooming environment and equipments gradually. Once the dog is familiar with the surrounding, he will feel more relaxed and distressed. It is also a good idea to use items like towels, brushes and other items used in grooming frequently to make your pet acclimatized and familiar.

At the same time, you must try to gain the trust of the dog to make him feel comfortable. Before starting the grooming process, the groomers often try to bond with the dogs, and establish a mutual trust. The trust makes it easier for the groomer to bathe or brush the dog without any hassle. Also, the animal needs frequent patting and reassuring to remain stress-free while he is being groomed.

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