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How to Evaluate the Employees of a Dog Daycare Facility in Cincinnati


As a pet owner, you have to consider several factors to choose the right dog boarding facility in Cincinnati. In addition to choosing a clean, organized, sanitized and safe daycare center, it is also important to evaluate the daycare’s staff. You must remember that trained and experienced employees can make a huge difference to your dog’s boarding experience. When the employees understand animal behavior, they will provide the care required to make your pet feel comfortable and relaxed.

It is always important to choose the dog daycare Cincinnati facility that is adequately staffed. Normally, the center must deploy a dedicated employee per 10 to 15 dogs. At the same time, the employees must have expertise in interpreting the body language and social communication of dogs. Normally, the employees receive professional training through videos and seminars by seasoned experts in the field of animal behavior. It is also a good idea to opt for daycare centers that deploy Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDTs).

The training will prepare the professional to understand the dog’s body posture, signal and other canine communication. Further, the employee can interpret your pet’s body language and social communication without any error. As he can clearly understand what is going on among the animals, it will be easier for him to provide the required care. The lack of training will make it difficult for the employees to understand your pet’s body language and social communication accurately. So he will fail to identify the tension arising among the dogs, and thus to prevent serious fights.

In addition to being trained in dog handling and behavior management, the employee must be sincere enough to monitor your dog’s activities closely and constantly. You can even check if the dog daycare center is availing the assistance of Certified Professional Dog Trainers to train the employees and design the facility. You must understand and observe the center’s dog handling and training methods to ensure that your pet will remain relaxed and stress-free.

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