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F.A.Q and Hours of Operation

We are happy to announce our expanded hours of operation. We are now available for daycare and boarding 7 days a week from

6:30 Am to 8:00 Pm  (even on holidays!)

1. What is the typical day for my dog or cat during boarding?




A) We start our morning off with ’business meeting’ on the K-9 grass while we serve up their first course of the day. When they arrive back to their rooms’ they will be treated to food you have provided. Or our own if you prefer.


B) We allow our stars adequent time to eat and prepare for their daily performance on stage.


C) Your star will spend the rest of day performing on the ‘All My Pups’ live webcam channel where you and other proud parents can watch!


D) We will pamper your star with as many nap and meal breaks as you request throughout the day.


E) We make sure that your little star has at least an hour after their final meal for their last minute ‘business meetings’ before they retire for the night.




Each cat has their own 5-level condo with a screen door. They are allowed to roam the room between 2-12 hours a day depending on how many families of cats are boarding on a given day. While out of the condo, they may choose to, hide amongst the greenery, or jump up on the cat tree and gaze into the lobby. Oh, don’t forget to log-in and check on your kitty while on vacation- they are on the webcams too!


2. Can I bring my own food or toys?

Yes. Since many rock stars can be possessive of their belongings- all personal affects will be kept in their personal dressing room. Just remember that items may get chewed on or misplaced so please leave sentimental items at home.


3. Do the animals have supervision?

Our caring staff members are with the pets throughout the duration of their stay here at Puppywood. Their safety and health is our number one concern.


4. Do I have to worry about my pet getting sick?

A Pet Resort is very much like a school or daycare for kids, lots of kids ( pups ) in one place means it is more likely that they may catch a cold or other virus than if they were at home. We take pride in how clean safe we keep our facilities, however no one can prevent every dog from the possibility of getting sick.


Just like kids we require vaccinations, but these as well just like us don’t protect us from ever coming down with something. Our staff members are trained to spot signs and symptoms so we can care for your pet if the need arises. If we feel it is needed we will also transport your pet to a local vet for any additional care that could arise.


Bottom line is we will take the best of care, as if your pet were our own, while he or she is in our care.


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