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Common Shots Required to Board Your Dog Safely


When you decide board your dog, you have option to choose from a variety of pet boarding facilities. Some of these facilities can be simple cages in veterinary clinics, whereas others can be comfortable pet resorts with individual room for your pet along with dog grooming facilities. But each facility will have specific vaccination requirements to board dogs safely. Along with keeping your dog healthy, the common shots will further protect him from several illnesses and diseases.

The American Veterinary Medical Association requires pet owners to provide core vaccinations like distemper, parvovirus and hepatitis to their dog either each year or as once in three years as a booster. So the dog boarder will ask you to present proof that the pet is current on these core vaccinations. However, your dog must receive the core vaccinations in much advance to boarding to avail protection against these diseases.

All states require dogs to be vaccinated against rabies regardless of their age. So it is required legally to make your dog’s rabies vaccination current. The dog is also required to receive boosted vaccination once a year, along with boosters every one to three years. No pet boarding facility will admit your pet, if you fail to present the proof that your dog’s rabies vaccination is current.

Despite not being considered as a core vaccination, bordetella or parainfluenza vaccination must be provided to the dog to protect it from certain kennel cough. As your pet will be exposed to other dogs during boarding, the dog boarder will require it to receive bordetella or parainfluenza vaccination. The bordetella vaccination is provided to the pets as a separate injection, whereas parainfluenza vaccination is given in combination with the core vaccinations.

Your pet also needs to receive certain vaccination according to your location. Many dog boarding facilities require dogs to be vaccinated against bacterial diseases and reactions like leptospirosis. You can even consult your regular veterinarian and the owner of the pet boarding facility to decide the vaccinations required by your dog before boarding.

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